Oliver giving one of his oncologists a ride. 
Oliver ended up being admitted to PCH Saturday due to a minor infection in his lymph nodes. One CT scan, four antibiotics, SEVEN servings of better-than-IHOP room service hash browns, and multiple bike trips down the cancer unit halls later, Oliver had his central line placed and officially started round one of his pre-bone marrow transplant (BMT) chemo treatment late today. Because of the risks/complications involved with such intense chemo treatment, this round he will need to stay inpatient for about a month until his immune system recovers and he is able to make his own blood again.

We have been blown away by the large amount of offers to be tested for a donor match for Oliver. It looks like his sisters will not be matches. The BMT team is searching the National Donor Registry right now for possible donor matches. We will know within the next several days if there are likely matches. In the likely event that there are not, we will post the details for going about getting tested for Oliver. The odds of finding a donor match in the community are not great, so if we need to go that route, we will not hesitate for even a second to take everyone up on their offers. We will post as soon as we have more information.

Thanks for keeping Oliver in your thoughts and prayers.  They are very much needed, especially now. These next few days will be brutal for him.

Oliver giving "high threes" to passersby on his way to surgery.
Some post-op crocheting and Netflix.

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