Super heroes and lobster mushrooms

by Jana

Because two life threatening infections were apparently not enough, Oliver contracted a third. His blood cultures are at least clear now and he is not fevering at all.

Two weeks ago when Oliver was infused with his clinical trial chemo, Mylotarg, it was terrifying. Rigors, sky high blood pressure, fevers, and excruciating pain kind of terrifying. Yesterday he was infused with the second and last Mylotarg infusion for this round. With the aid of a little demerol and other meds, except for a little leg pain and managed high blood pressure, Oliver sailed through it. He did this mostly while intently watching Food Network's Chopped, Jr. and looking a bit stoned. And, because things like this happen all the time at PCH, when I stepped out of the room for a minute, I ran into no other than the Green Arrow, who graciously agreed to pay Oliver a visit. All things considered, it was not a bad way to spend a Friday night at PCH. And now Food Network and the Green Arrow will strangely always remind me of tender mercies.

At this point, we just need to wait it out two weeks or so before Oliver's bone marrow can be tested to see if Mylotarg was able to kill off his leukemia. That should at least give us enough time to finish seasons two of both Chopped, Jr. and his other source of culinary entertainment, The Great British Baking Show. It also provides us plenty of time for getting on our knees and praying for a miracle.

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