Day Minus 5

by Jana

It does not escape us that just a few weeks ago it did not look like Oliver had a path to survival and that being able to leave the hospital with him July 10th was nothing short of a miracle. It also does not escape us that having the opportunity to check him back into Primary Children's this past Friday, medically cleared to officially start the bone marrow transplant ("BMT") process with bone marrow from a perfectly matched unrelated donor, is nothing short of a miracle.

That said, checking Oliver back in knowing at least some of what he will need to endure and that the possibility of him never returning home is not insignificant, is nothing short of gut wrenching.

On Friday, he had a second central line placed and got fitted for a lung guard at the Huntsman Cancer Institute for his four day twice daily total body radiation he will start Monday. In the meantime,
today Oliver will receive his second and last mega hit of the chemo that is supposed to obliterate his bone marrow. The actual bone marrow transplant is scheduled to take place this Friday, which is considered Day Zero of the BMT process and his Bone Marrow Birthday. Today is considered Day Minus 5.

These next three months will be critical and we will give more frequent updates during this time. We ask for your continued and frequent thoughts, prayers and petitions for more miracles.

Oliver (aka "The Flash") undergoes cranial radiation at The Huntsman while listening to
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. The song, his idea. The mask, staff's work of art.

We Pricelined a hotel, spur of the moment, and crashed the North Logan 
Pioneer Day Parade.

Leaving for PCH. Cassidy sporting the "spy pack" (equipped with saline
syringes, mirrors, coins, spy snacks, etc.) Oliver packed for the spy
missions he has planned for her visits.

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