The kids and youth of our church went to great efforts to
ensure that Oliver was welcomed home in style.

by Jana and Bill

Words really cannot express how grateful we are to have Oliver home again.  Being able to spend time as a family out of the hospital and to finally sleep together under the same roof for the first time in almost three months has been an amazing gift.

We are also happy to report that the preliminary results from Oliver's most recent bone marrow tests this week are showing no leukemia and enough other good cells that it is now reasonable to move forward as if he will continue to be leukemia free long enough for a bone marrow transplant ("BMT") to happen.  This means that we will be either at Primary Children's or The Huntsman Cancer Institute for tests and meetings every day this next week.  If those tests go well and Oliver continues to be leukemia free, he would immediately start a week long regime of outpatient cranial radiation at The Huntsman Cancer Institute ending with being readmitted inpatient to Primary Children's Hospital.  He is on an incredibly difficult and long road and we are just happy that he is at least here on a road at all and here at home right now.        

An amazing amount of Rice Krispy treats have been made this week.

Oliver & his dad return from a walk.

Hanging out with his sisters.

Millcreek Canyon!

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