Another Update

Thanks to a thoughtful and somewhat gross gummy gift from his church friends, Oliver
was able to mess with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctors this week.

Oliver's prognosis has not improved and his medical situation remains intense with layers of uncertainty. Treating his invasive aspergilliosis infection is top priority. He is scheduled for his fourth sinus procedure and more imaging this week. To really get on top of it, Oliver needs to start producing white blood cells ("WBC") NOW.  Those WBC need to be infection fighting neutrophils, not leukemia cells. The preliminary results of this week's bone marrow ("BM") biopsy showed that he has started to make the building blocks of some WBC. It is just too soon to tell what type of cells they will become.

Oliver continues to fever, sleep a lot, have some controlled pain, not eat (despite continuing to watch the Great British Baking Show), and be either cheerful or good natured, depending on his energy level.

We continue to be blown away and incredibly grateful for the generosity and love that has been heaped on our family by people we know, as well as by complete strangers. We are grateful for the lawn mowings, salads, words of all kind (honest, funny, comforting, inspiring), mac and cheese, sounding boards, child watching, time, porch painting, memory sharing, plumbing services, errand running, money, cards, patience, hand/primary made quilt, tears, books, walks, bunny caring, song singing, hamburgers, bake sales, understanding nods, homemade jam, floor sweeping, giant pillow, posters, prayer vigils and private prayers, diet soda/kombucha deliveries . . . the list goes on and on.

Bill's Father's Day present, selected by Oliver and
planted by our church members.

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